daily noshes 12.28 & 12.29

A few days behind here- so playing catch up.  12.28 7:30 AM  Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts 12:40 PM Helping Grams make appetizers for her big party- so snacked on some melon & a couple tortellini before lunch.  Garden fresh salad (green beans, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, grape tomatoes)  2:30 PM Apple slices  4:10 PM Bag of … Continue reading daily noshes 12.28 & 12.29


daily nosh 12.27

Another fun & relaxing day spent out on Long Island with my grandparents! Although today was not the healthiest of days (Happy Hour always gets the best of me) I'm realizing more and more that everything in moderation really is the key to happiness. 8:00 AM  Made scrambled eggs, toast and an orange for breakfast … Continue reading daily nosh 12.27

it’s a new dawn… it’s a new day… and i’m feeling good (or am i?)

Morning (er afternoon?) everyone! So here I am ... day one of my new journey.... aaannnd guess what. Nothing feels different... ha ha. Okay, I admit it was kind of a pipe dream to think that after committing to this blog, I would wake up tomorrow feeling like a Maria from the Sound of Music, … Continue reading it’s a new dawn… it’s a new day… and i’m feeling good (or am i?)