it’s a new dawn… it’s a new day… and i’m feeling good (or am i?)

Morning (er afternoon?) everyone!

So here I am … day one of my new journey…. aaannnd guess what. Nothing feels different… ha ha. Okay, I admit it was kind of a pipe dream to think that after committing to this blog, I would wake up tomorrow feeling like a Maria from the Sound of Music, twirling around the mountains, singing about how the hills are alive… (although honestly, that would have been pretty ideal…


But, alas here I am… still a little broke, a little confused (and honestly a little hungry.. is it 3:00 snack time yet?)

Alright, all joking aside- I actually am pretty happy with myself that I decided to come back to this blog. I honestly wasn’t sure I could commit (yes even for one day) You see, I tend to be a bit of a serial hobby jumper… essentially I get obsessed with something for a about a week or two, invest in all the gear needed (i.e. expensive camera but no time to take pictures)- and then I inevitably get bored or lose interest and move on to the next thing. This time, I want this blog to be different- and I feel like it can be. I partly want to use it to talk about what I’m eating (to keep myself accountable, track my fit journey (focusing on becoming strong not skinny) and discuss all the crazy thoughts that pop into my mind -because (if you can’t already tell) my brain moves at about a million miles a minute (so apologies if my writing can be all over the place) .

Now, I don’t want to dwell on yesterday, and the bad choices that were made- but i think it is important to at least acknowledge them (like one of those angry, red underground zits… you see it’s there, and you are oh so tempted to pick at it, but you know if you do, it will bubble up even worse and.. well this analogy is getting gross  but you get the gist.) Yesterday, I made bad choices and I let myself spiral into unhappiness. Those are the facts. Today, I am making the decision to make better choices, and forgive myself. Because, guess what- I’m human. i make mistakes. I sometimes (okay always) drip coffee on my shirt before I get to work, or trip on the sidewalk when I’m trying to sexily sashay, or sometimes I eat 3 pieces of coffee cake and 2 blondies (oops). Those days happen. But I’m learning (or at least trying to preach to myself here) is that it is the choices we make after those bad ones that make us who we are. Those are the choices that define us. And I’m deciding that I want to be defined by happiness, positivity, and endless sunshine.




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