a new cut for christmas …

So yesterday, I made the bold (and slightly rash) decision to cut 7 inches of hair off (YIKES I know). I’m not sure if this was a “new year new me” thought or just a complete mental breakdown, but I decided I wanted, needed a change. A big change. And well, this seemed to fit the bill.

Now of course, I hate it (always want what you don’t have am I right?) But I feel like maybe part of me hates it because it’s a permanent change- it’s not something I can quickly back myself out of (which is totally my MO). This change is real- this change I can run out on. And that is exactly what I need. I can’t keep running from my problems, and just putting another layer of bandaids over it for the 16 millionth time. This time, change needs to be permanent. This change needs to stick.

So, I’m diving in head first (or hair cut first for that matter). I don’t want to wait until 2017 to start my new chapter. I’m starting it here and now.

I’ve decided, I’m going into Christmas , (which is normally an exhausting day of navigating through land mines of  foods and negative feelings) with a better outlook. I want to embrace the happiness of the holiday and not make it about the food. Holidays are supposed to be about the people after all!

Alright enough rambling for today… off to go help my mom prepare for Xmas dinner!

Here’s to less hair, less negativity and less running (well mental running that is!) Merry Christmas !!


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