daily nosh 12.23

A day behind here (yesterday was a crazy day filled with last minute shopping, food prepping for the holidays, and oh snipping off about 7 inches of hair (see my most recent post for more details…)

7:45 AM

After an indulgent night having Jess over (cookies, wine and a lot of laughs) i wanted something a little lighter for breakfast. So i had a yogurt, Nature Valley Pecan crunch bar (and yes the crumbs went EVERYWHERE) and banana with 1 TBSP of peanut butter. And of course two cups of coffee.

12:15 PM

Best part of visiting my parents… a fully stocked fridge always! (Seriously I can make CHOP’T professional salads!) I had just finished my run/workout, and wanted some good protein to replenish after my run, so I added some turkey to last nights apple salad (left overs = amazing) and added in some extra kale for extra goodness. After this, I was actually pretty satisfied, so I popped in a piece of gum and hit the road for my hair cut extravaganza

3:45 PM

Came back from shopping / hair cut and was STARVING (really should have packed a snack)  Had some hard pretzels and carrots with Dijon mustard (honey mustard is my fav but unfortunately that seems to be the one thing my parents don’t stock in their house).

6:30 PM

Family celebration time! Everyone is “back in the nest” as my dad would say. So we celebrated with multiple glasses of wine & a delicious dinner of shrimp scampi, rice and tomato mozzarella caprese salad.

Of course after all that wine… i made the less than positive decision to indulge in one too many cookies… so was a little mad at myself. But I know it’s all part of the journey… and I can’t beat myself up for every cookie or extra piece of chocolate eaten (especially in good company)


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