daily sweat 12.23 & 12.24

Since I fell a bit behind.. thought I would put two in one here…

Also– not sure if anyone is even listening (lol) but I think I may move the “daily sweat”section to instagram to post a workout selfie w/ comments instead. Not sure I have enough to say to comment everyday!   Let me know what you think.


Was really dreading a workout (I tell you as soon as i fall out of my early AM routine schedule, it is SO hard to motivate yourself to want to workout) However- I knew I would feel better  once I moved around a little bit… so I laced up my sneakers and decided to go for a run. I started out on one of the old routes I used to do- and found hat when I got the the half way point (normally I would be slugging!) but I felt energized and like I wanted to run more- thank you endorphin’s! – so I continued on farther and farther …. until I came to the DREADED hill (seriously, this thing could put Mount Everest to shame) and ran up it – and TOTALLY died at the end.. but hey at least I tried to make it up!  After that I did a little hill workout (run down the hill, walk backwards up ) three times and the headed home to cool down and do a little abs/arms/ ass workout to finish.

Over all it was a great workout, and left me feeling super happy and invigorated!


Knew I wanted to try and squeeze in a quick workout before the holidays hit… so i jumped on the stationary bike and rode for an easy 30 minutes (resistance was up all the way.. but never sure how effective that bike is!) The finished off with a little abs/arms workout!

Felt good to squeeze in a little extra movement… and now ready for the holidays 🙂


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