daily nosh 12.26

Hi all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. This year, I am proud to say I left Christmas dinner feeling full and satisfied, but not sick. This may be the first time ever – and a positive sign that 2017 will be my year. I’m currently out st my grandparents, so no time to really workout- so I’m trying to keep my sweeets in moderation (if that’s even possible at a grandparents home!)

8:00 AM

Slice whole wheat toast, 1 egg easy over and sliced apple 

12:30 PM 

Went out shopping and got a few new things(yah!) Of course when Grams and so came back from shopping now we were starving! But we were good and made a delicious tuna salad with onion, celery, carrots, cranberries and almonds. And of course our favorite – pop chips ! (Seriously those things are addictive) 


Went back out to the stores and picked up some goodies for Grams big party on Thursday. Rewarded ourselves with snap pea snack and a glass of wine (in a martini glass ha ha -of course Pops spilled it everywhere) 


Had a yummy dinner of burgers, sweet potato and green beans. And of course we had to sample June’s cookies (so I had 1.5 cookies!)


So I mentioned this big party my grandparents are having with all their friends (they are a hilarious and rowdy bunch let me tell you!) So Grams and I cleaned down the whole bar – and let me tell you, they have enough alcohol to start their OWN bar haha. So after cleaning everything down, we rewarded ourselves with some ice cream & late night grapes . 

I really wanted to eat more of the ice cream and sweets- but I kept in check and reminded myself that it wasn’t worth it to scarf it down at 9:00 at night. If I really wanted something, I would eat it the next morning – and honestly by that time I had forgotten about it anyways 😊


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