daily nosh 12.27

Another fun & relaxing day spent out on Long Island with my grandparents! Although today was not the healthiest of days (Happy Hour always gets the best of me) I’m realizing more and more that everything in moderation really is the key to happiness.

8:00 AM 

Made scrambled eggs, toast and an orange for breakfast today for Grams and Pops and myself.

12:30 PM

After trying to set up the cable box on the TV (quelle project let me tell you) I was feeling very hungry for lunch. I had the same salad I had yesterday (lettuce, tuna, cranberries, almonds, celery, carrots) and some assorted pop chips/crackers. Probably should have eaten a little more lunch and a little less chips- but oh well


Tried out two of June’s cookies and a cup of tea before taking Pops to his MRI


Happy Hour at Grams Place! We had homemade zucchini pancakes, made by Pops (to die for! Probably had about 15… but totally worth it.), wontons, PopChips & more. I only ate the listed snacks. In addition to a glass of wine, I definitely indulged a little more than I should have- but we finished the night with a nice fruit platter, so it didn’t feel too bad.


As much as I love spending time with my Grandparents – I miss being in NYC and having my routine with meals and workouts. Haven’t had a good sweat sesh in awhile! Should be going home tomorrow night and will definitely make Thursday a killer workout day!


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