daily noshes 12.28 & 12.29

A few days behind here- so playing catch up. 


7:30 AM 

Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts

12:40 PM

Helping Grams make appetizers for her big party- so snacked on some melon & a couple tortellini before lunch. 

Garden fresh salad (green beans, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, grape tomatoes) 

2:30 PM

Apple slices 

4:10 PM

Bag of pretzels (commuting home to NYC) 

6:45 PM

Scrambled Eggs & 1/2 large sweet potatoe. Needed a little something sweet after so I had a 1/2 cup of Edy’s Vanilla Slow Churn ice cream 

8:45 PM

Decided to clean my room (quelle project!) Had an apple to fuel me through! 


7:00 AM 

Early start- lots to do today! Scrambled  eggs, toast, 1/2 apple. 

11:45 AM 

Post workout – feeling light headed and needed some sugar, so grabbed a Quest Bar (chocolat chunk!) and went back to my apartment to regroup and finish my homework assignment before heading out to shop

12:30 PM

Wasn’t starving but knew I would need a little  something else to eat before I went shopping so had a 1/2 apple with a TBSP of PB

3:45 PM 

TERRIBLE idea to go shopping without any snacks or real lunch… felt so sick had to leave the store! got home and I knew I had to eat something heartyso had my other half of sweet potato and some pretzels 

6:20 PM

Body definitely still needed some refueling – so split half a granola bar 

7:20 PM

Staying at my parents since I’m going up to PA with Jess for NYE on Saturday . Taco night – so had a delicious taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and a little avocado. 

8:45 PM

Can’t believe how hungry I still feel (guess this goes to show I really shouldn’t workout hard and not refuel!!) Had an apple and rice cake with PB 


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