cheers to 2017 – my best year yet 

Happy new year everyone ! Crazy to think 2016 (the year without end) has finally come to a close. It’s definitely been a year of ups, downs, drama, heart ache, happiness and prosperity. Yes, we’ve seen it all.

This is the first time, I’m actually making New Years Resolutions, that I will 1) Hold myself accountable for and 2) are attainable goals, that I can actually reach. I’m excited for 2017 to be my best year yet.

After a weekend full of partying, lots of eating and drinking, my body is definitely craving a detox. I’ve decided today 1/1/2017 is my last binge. I’m done – no more body shaming, no more hating, no more losing control. I’m holding myself (and hopefully you all will too) accountable to be different- to be a better me. In 2017 I want a healthier mindset, more movement, and (daily) motivational mantras.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in 2016, is that everything is harder when you go at it alone- while you think you can hide behind closed doors, hidden wrappers and shameful thoughts- they have a way of resurfacing and seeping out. Opening up, to even one person, makes all the difference. My mom was always my go to person for this- but, she is my mom after all and there tends to be too nice to me (moms, you know !) But by writing this blog and documenting on my insta (@kmcraves) I hope to make this my best year yet. Happy new year everyone !🎉🥂

km craves 2017 resolutions 

1) Find BALANCE in all aspects of your life

2) Respect and follow the 80-20 rule . Fuel your body with the natural and whole foods it’s needs and craves.

3) Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout. Workouts shouldn’t be used a punishment; they should be used as a way to strengthen your mind, body & soul.

4) Commit to not letting a bad day derail you. Wake up the next day and start fresh.

5) Complain less. Smile more.


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