Sorry for going a little MIA! Getting back into the swing of things – back to work, and classes start this Saturday. Buuuuttt I promise to stay committed to documenting my meals, workouts and thoughts as regularly as possible. For updates on my meals & workouts follow me Instagram @kmcraves


8:30 AM

Blended up a smoothie before leaving for work- so I normally sip part of it on my way to work and finish the rest when I’m at my desk. The smoothie has spinach, mango, bananas, 1.5 scoops protein powder, unsweetened almond milk and water.


Was feeling super hungry and didn’t want to feel ravenous come lunch time- so ate ½ of a Kind Bar (Dark Chocolate Cherry- amazing!) before lunch.

12:15 PM

Grabbed lunch with my favorite work friends and caught up – eating lunch with friends is a great way to slow down and actually enjoy the food I’m eating, since I spend more time talking and chewing and less time shoveling!

For lunch I had an Inspiralized inspired lunch – zucchini noodles, with wilted Kale and garlic chicken. And then needed a little something sweet, so I had the other half of my Kind Bar.


Snack time! Was feeling a little hungry, so I had apple slices and a coffee


Wanted a little extra fuel before my workout, so I ate a Nature Valley Granola bar – Coconut  (tried for the first time- I highly recommend!)


STARVING! (PM Workout) Crushed a 45 minute Spin class + 20 minutes of arms & abs. Then had to run and pick up a few things for the apartment so got home around 8PM. Since I was so hungry, I ate a couple carrots stick with dip to make me feel less ravenous. Spirazlized a zucchini and defrosted some lentil meatballs (best move ever- meal prepping a bunch so I can throw in whenever!) and topped with red sauce and a little shredded mozzarella.


Scoop of vanilla ice cream with one crushed Ferraro Chocolate. Perfectly satisfying.




Froze my smoothie this morning, with the intention that I would go to the gym and drink it after- but was not feeling the gym this AM, so I knew it would be best to wait and go after work so I had a good workout. Same smoothie as yesterday- spinach, mango, banana, 1.5 scoops protein powder, unsweetened almond milk and water.

12:10 PM

Cooked up some Bikini Bolognese- from Ali Mafucci’s (aka Inspiralized) cook book- and had that with a spiralizer zucchini for lunch. VERY filling! I was kind of surprised actually.  My zucchini was small unfortunately, so I had more turkey Bolognese than zucchini noodles haha but I definitely wouldn’t complain about that!


While I wasn’t starving, I figured it was best to eat more before dinner time and my workout – so I had enough fuel to push me through a killer workout! So I ate my Nature Valley Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bar (delish).


There is nothing worse than biting into a mealy apple…. and let me tell you, this apple was the mealiest (is that a word??) So i only had a few bites, and then enjoyed my rolled up turkey slices instead.

PM Workout:

Had a killer workout- ran 5 miles, did a little incline walking and then some weight lifting. I love the feeling of my body feeling stronger – I now always do arms with 10lbs! (go me!) I can start to see some tone and definition forming, which is both exciting and rewarding 🙂


STARVING yet again after my workout. So had a great refueling meal of sweet potato noodles, wilted kale and garlic chicken (with a slice of bread of course, because gluten rocks and we all secretly know it).

9:00 PM

had my favorite night treat of a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a crushed up Ferraro chocolate.


6:30 AM Workout: Got up early, (back to my old workout schedule) but was feeling tired and sore. So I listened to my body and did the workout that felt best. Which today was a 20 minute sprint HIIT and 15 minutes of Abs and 5 minutes of Butt.

8:45 AM 

Yogurt, with Kashi Go lean Granola and a Banana


Was feeling very hungry, so ate half a Kashi Bar (Cashew & Ginger, surprisingly very tasty)


Ate lunch with some work friends and had a bunch of good laughs talking about dating apps! (What a world we live in eh?) Had Zucchini noodles with lentil meatballs and red sauce. Still felt hungry, so ate the other half of my Kind bar.


Was starting to get that achy feeling I get from time to time when I don’t properly nourish my body, so I decided to eat my Nature Valley Bar (coconut again today!) and felt much better!


Apple & turkey slices (new fav snack!) + coffee


Was weirdly so hungry, so when I came home i cooked up zoodles with some cut up left over veggies from spiralizing (no vegtable left behind in my house!) with lentil meatballs, red sauce, and a slice of bread.


Scoop of vanilla ice cream and two ferraro chocolates (plus half a chocolate chip cookie.. whoops!)



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