handling the hungries

Do you ever just wake up STARVING? Like raid the pantries, shove everything in your mouth (including the plate) hungry.


Well for me, today was that day. I woke up, feeling unmotivated to workout and highly motivated to eat everything in sight (haha). But I decided to start my day right, by getting in a good workout before work. Once I came home and had a great breakfast, I still felt a little hungry and unsatisfied. So i decided to eat a piece of banana bread I had in the freezer- and you know what, I was ok. I didn’t spiral and eat 7 more pieces. I had my treat and was happy.

However, for the rest of the day, I continued to feel super hungry and just wanted to keep eating. Now I tend to have this problem, where if I don’t want to keep eating unnecessarily, I will chew gum.This doesn’t seem so bad, but it will fill up air in my stomach – making me feel bloated. As the day went on, I continued to feel hungrier- but I did as I have been preaching, and listened to my body. When I felt extra hungry- I let myself eat. And tonight, when I wanted two cookies with my ice cream, I let myself have it. I expected myself to panic and spiral, and to be honest, I felt a little panicky for a second or two- but I took a step back and thought through what I actually ate, how I actually felt and what the actual end result was. And when I took a step back I realized that, some days you’re just hungier than others- and that’s ok. Today,  was extra hungry. Tomorrow, maybe I won’t be. I don’t know. But I do know, that I listened to my body- and that is the most important thing.






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