1.7 & 1.8

Ahh the weekend … supposed to be relaxing.. right? Not in my world!!!  Woke up Saturday Morning, LATE for my class (I’m currently pursuing my MBA)… so the day could only go up from there right?


Even though i woke up late, I didn’t want my day to start off on a (really) bad note, so I whipped up a quick smoothie- although I was low on banana, so it was pretty spinach heavy. Coupled it with half a Kind bar.


Got lunch at Pret-A-Manger with with my friends. Had a large chicken noodle soup (perfect for the snowy weather), with a piece  of bread & banana.


Got a little hungry so ate my apple.


Knew we were most likely going out for drinks, so I wanted to make sure I had a little something in me- so I ate my Nature Valley Coconut Bar.


Had a couple drinks with MBA friends. always have such a great time with them- I never worry about anything. they are truly the best people.


Came home and had to take care of a couple things- so didn’t get to eat until late. but I was proud that I actually took the time to make myself a smart & good dinner. Sweet potato noodles, with marinara sauce & lentil meatballs.


Wanted something sweet, so ate three cookies. (Oops) Was a little mad at myself, because I def could have been satisfied with 2.



I woke up with every intention of it being a good day… but you ever get those days where you’ve just got to put yourself second? Well, today was my day to help out a pal and do that. So to be honest, I was a little upset that I didn’t get to go to the gym & food shop the way I wanted to, I was able to be there for my friend who needed me


Egg white omlette with leftover carrot noodles & kale. English muffin, 3/4 apple… aannnd 3 slices of banana bread (DOUBLE OOPS) See the problem here is, I should have been fine just eating one slice, but some part of me wanted more, and since I am trying to ‘listen to my body’ I did as such.  however, it seemed my body didn’t really know what I wanted and I felt bloated and unhappy after.


Drank lots of water to try to flush out the meanies I could feel creeping in– paired it with a kale & tuna fish salad because I wasn’t starving.


Apple with PB & wheat thins. Feeling a little out of sorts and munching on some random things in the kitchen. Not feeling to happy


My mom came in for dinner-so we had thin steaks and spiralized Parmesan and garlic sweet potatoes.


The girls and I had a scoop of ice cream with our crushed up ferraro chocolate.


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