feeling satisfied

I recently got some good advice from a blogger friend, that I wanted to share with everyone.

I asked her what she did when she was hungry- simple enough right?  A little back story, I’ve been trying to cut down the amount of gum I chew, since i feel like it has been making me extra bloated lately. And i chew a lot of gum when I don’t want to over eat. So you can see it has sort of turned into this vicious cycle. So back to the story- I asked her what she did when she didn’t want to keep eating, and her answer was simple. She said “eat! you’re probably hungry!”

Such a simplistic answer. Just eat- why deprive yourself if food is what you need? And in that moment something just clicked. Yes, you shouldn’t eat every moment throughout the day, because well that’s just unnecessary! But if you’re truly feeling hungry- you should feed yourself! Think about it like this- a baby cries when they are hungry right? So what do you do to make them stop crying? Feed them! it’s the same idea with your stomach. When your stomach is ‘crying’ it wants you to put fuel in it! So feed it! And satiate the hunger. Because in actuality, the longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get, and the more likely you are to binge and make unhealthy choices (which we KNOW we don’t want!)

So today, I took this advice (and while I may have taken it a few steps too far.. and eaten a few more nuts than I really wanted) I found that I wasn’t so starving the rest of the afternoon… I was ok until I came home for dinner. This is crazy!  Ground Breaking! Fascinating! Ok I’m just kidding here- but seriously. Who would have thunk, that it would take me 23 years to realize, hey when you’re hungry- just feed yourself?!

This all plays into my new “listening to my body” mantra for 2017. Listen to your body when you’re tired, listen to your body when you’re hungry, listen to your body when you’re full — JUST LISTEN! Because your body truly knows best.


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