real world reality: the weekend wash 

It’s Friday night- you’ve been so good all week- rocked your gym workouts, ate clean and come Friday night you are feeling amazing. So what’s better than celebrating a great week than going out to drink and eat with friends? Nothing ! You eat a little bit of a lighter dinner (aka four lettuce leaves) to ensure you look extra fit for your night out.

Success! Your night out goes amazing – you have an blast with your friends, dancing and drinking. However, all good things do come to an end- and once you head home, the drunk munchies hit you. All of a sudden you are STARVING and just start to reach for any and all snacks in your cabinet. Fast forward to 20 minutes later, your lying curled up in a ball on your floor, feeling ill and cursing yourself for not just going to bed and ruining your healthy week.

Sound familiar to anyone? Well this is what I like to call the weekend wash. This  was (well is) me. I have gotten caught in this endless cycle, time and time again of working so hard to make healthy choices, and then blowing them the minute my thinking is impaired. While I’ve definitely gotten better at controlling myself, i certainly have a long way to go still. Take last weekend- I went out drinking with my MBA friends and when I came home was so hungry that I just kept eating and eating… until I was in the fetal position and full of self loath. I couldn’t understand how I can be so smart about making choices throughout the week but inevitably throw everything away the minute alcohol hits my system.

After feeling really dejected, I reached out to someone and got some really good advice. I asked her how she managed the “drunk munchies” and subsequent weekend wash- and she told me that she did three things- first she put out healthy options for herse (I.e almond butter and toast with banana) this way if she did indulge it was at least something that was good for her. Second she told me she left herself little notes , reminding herself that stuffing her face with cookies at 3AM is not worth it. Better to have that cookie at 3PM when you can actually enjoy it! Lastly she told me she forces herself to drink two big glasses of water- because 95% of the time after drinking, you’re just dehydrated!

When I took a step back and thought about this- it all seems so obvious right? Put out a good snack, drink water and leave yourself a note. Not hard at all! So why is it so hard to tell yourself this? (Probably because my stubborn Italian brain doesn’t like to listen but anywho ). As soon as I heard this advice I suddenly felt at piece. I could totally do these things- drinking no longer felt like a set up to ruin a healthy week and give into self deprivations thoughts. Going out with friends could now be fun again! And it could actually be about spending time laughing and having fun with the people who matter most to me.

So as I type this- I am off to the store to arm myself with almond butter packets (Bc this girl needs portion control 🙋🏻) and some bread to help break the cycle and conquer the weekend wash !


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