and 6 cookies later…

I think one of the hardest things to learn in life, is that even when you think you’ve got everything planned perfectly, things can still go wrong.

Confession time- (and maybe TMI.. so sorry!) It’s that time of the month- and it always leaves me RAVENOUS. Like raid every pantry, suck down anything and everything that resembles food in a whirl-pool type fashion hungry.

Fast forward- it’s 7:00PM, I’m hungry, had a long stressful day at work… it’s cold and the commute home sucked (seriously the 4/5 line is the worst subway ever created). But wait- silver lining! I still had leftovers from my meal yesterday! So thank goodness I didn’t have to wait around for food to be made. However…. this led to me inhaling my dinner in about 4.2 seconds… and me still feeling “hungry.” I told myself to wait a little (which of course didn’t happen) … so I had two little chocolates to try to curb my sweet tooth. But alas, that didn’t do the trick either. Then I decided to make a little popcorn, for a healthy but filling snack. That left me feeling.. eh (to be honest i put too much salt on it and it kind of ruined the taste 😦 )

I decided to whip up some chocolate chip cookies I had been meaning to make for my Uncle, and thought it might be a good distraction (lol.. or at least that is what I tried to tell myself) While doing this i also decided to ctut up some bananas… and while doing this I thought, hey this would be a great way to curb my craving! Some almond butter with banana slices. And it worked! I felt (mostly) satisfied.

But then … the cookies came out. And if I’m being honest with myself, from the minute I popped those bad boys in the oven, I knew I was going to eat more of them than I should. So one cookie led to two, which led to four, and then six… finally at that point I was feeling borderline sick. At this moment a new feeling washed over me.. it wasn’t shame or self loathing (which are the normal suspect), but …disappointment. I’ve been so good all week, practicing my balance, eating meals that nourished and powered me through the day, and knowing when to push through or pull back in a workout. I feel like I really blew it.

However,before i let the hateful spiral begin, i stopped, took a step back and thought for a second. Why was I so hungry? Was I not eating enough? Was I actually hungry? Or was I just bored? Well, your body knows what you need best right ( and Google.. TBH Google always knows what you need best) So I started up a little Google search “Why am I so hungry when I have my period?” And let me tell you… about 75374503750924587094 results came up…. *LIGHT BULB* 


So wait, if this many results appeared…. does this mean I’m not the only person who feels like this???? After further inbvestigation, I came across some really interesting finds about why we get so hungry when we are on our periods – thanks Dr. Jame Heskett of the Wellpath! ( )

The reason for this increase in hunger is simple. Your body uses more calories during the time right before and in some cases during your period. This increase in calories makes your body burn more calories during this time, and as the calories as burning you’re going to feel hungry more often. To compound this, the hormones at work in your body during this time are also likely making you crave particular food items. So suddenly, you’re starving, you already feel bloated from water weight and now you want to eat chocolate or chips. No wonder we all feel so miserable during this week. 

Okay, I may be taking a few liberties here (aka I didn’t NEED 6 chocolate chip cookies, 3 would have probably sufficed) – however, big picture here. The point is, that my body was hungry- and in some positive space, i actually listened to it (wait– does this mean I’m actually learning?!?!? ha ha) I made a few good choices (i.e. good dinner, good snack) and a few bad ones (i.e. too many cookies, rapid eating). But what I’m taking away from this is even better. I’m learning that okay, when I have my period, I’m definitely going to be hungrier, so i should:

  • Put more fuel in me earlier in the day to avoid overeating come night time.
  • If I feel super hungry, reach for a piece of fruit first (something with high water content) to get fiber, which will help signal that I’m satisfied.
  • Allow yourself a couple cookies (because let’s be real it’s the best excuse !) if that is what you want- but recognize that eating 3 will satisfy you, while 6 will just make you feel sick.

Armed with these top tips… i’m ready for the next wave mother nature throws at me ! Mother nature- you’ve got nothing on me 🙂


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