daily noshes

Wednesday 12/22/2016

(Sorry for the lack of pictures… I know looking at a bunch of words can be as exciting as watching paint dry)

8:15 AM

So after yesterday’s eating debacle I knew I wanted to wake up this morning and eating something filling, nourishing and delicious… i decided to go for some oatmeal (one of my favorites) with walnuts, dried cranberries and a drizzle of honey. And of course a cup (okay several) of coffee.

I tried to take a picture of it – but the lighting in the kitchen at my parent’s house was sub par (and this case I have on my iphone creates this horrible shadow on everything.. time for a new phone case, I know!)

10:45 AM

Around 10:45 I was feeling a little peck-ish, and wanted to avoid yesterday’s sugar bomb disaster – so I ate an orange – which doesn’t seem like a big deal.. butttt have you ever peeled an orange before? Like what a dramatic experience. First of all trying to start the peeling process is a mess (like where do you even start?!). Finally once you get a starting point, you dig your nail in (goodbye manicure) and immediately get shot in the eye with the orange juice – am i right?! The of course this process continues on for the rest of the peeling process and by the end you’re so resentful of this piece of fruit that you’re wondering if you should even eat it…. needless to say it’s a painful process. Luckily today it was less painful and more delicious.

12:15 PM

I cooked up some chicken(which I by accidentally under cooked at first.. remember that whole, I’m sometimes good at cooking thing? Well ladies & gents, exhibit A)  and made a salad with grape tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, and sprinkle of feta. While it was a yummy salad, I was a little hungry after, so I ate some wheat thins. Probably ate a few more than I should have (oops) but not as many as yesterday, so I consider this a small win.

3:45 PM

Okay in case you can’t tell.. I eat a lot.. but I also workout pretty frequently and am constantly on the move (so I justify that this is okay ha ha). I was really craving this Special K Chocolately Delight cereal we had in the house- so I decided to let myself have the craving and enjoy. Well best laid plans … ended up picking out a lot of the chocolately bits and eating more of the cereal than i should have… but oh well.


I invited my friend from college (who lives near my parents house) over for dinner. My mom and i made pork tenderloin, roasted butternut squash and this delicious and house favorite apple cranberry salad. And of course a glass (or two) of wine.  Over all is was such a nice night and reminded me that even if you eat and drink a little more than you should… if you do it with good company, it never feels so bad 🙂