handling the hungries

Do you ever just wake up STARVING? Like raid the pantries, shove everything in your mouth (including the plate) hungry. Well for me, today was that day. I woke up, feeling unmotivated to workout and highly motivated to eat everything in sight (haha). But I decided to start my day right, by getting in a … Continue reading handling the hungries



AM Workout: Incline workout 40 minutes + arm workout 8:00AM Egg white omelette with kale a slice of turkey, English muffin & pear slices 9:15AM Slice of banana bread... because - it's Friday! And i wanted it ! 12:10PM Had lunch with Mom-  salad with chicken, 1/2 apple, 1/2 tomato, craisins. Bag of pretzels & 2 … Continue reading 1.6


1.3 Sorry for going a little MIA! Getting back into the swing of things – back to work, and classes start this Saturday. Buuuuttt I promise to stay committed to documenting my meals, workouts and thoughts as regularly as possible. For updates on my meals & workouts follow me Instagram @kmcraves   8:30 AM Blended … Continue reading 1.3-1.5


So unfortunately today was not a good start to the new year... after a weekend of drinking & eating with friends, I let the "snow ball " take effect and steamroll my whole day. One bad decision led to 6 more and pretty soon I ate a sleeve of cookies and was feeling pretty crappy … Continue reading 01.01